• Home Burglar Alarm DSW90WL
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Home Burglar Alarm

  • Classification:Commercial brand products
  • Brief introduction:9 wireless zone host
  • Host:A313
  • Power Voltage:AC187-242V DC9-15V
  • Static Current:<=50mA
  • Alarm Current:<=250mA
  • Batteries:3*7#
  • Receive Frequency:315MHZ MHZ
  • Ambient temperature:-10~50
  • Relative humidity:<80%
  • Dimension:90?25?0mm
  • Wireless Remote Controller:R2.1
  • Power Voltage:DC12V
  • Battery Capability:65mA
  • Static Current:0
  • Alarm Current:<=6mA
  • Launch frequency:315MHZ MHZ
  • Transmission distance:<=300m beeline distance
  • Host(1)+Remote Controller(1)
  • (Choose fittings):Serial PIR detectors
  • (Choose fittings):Serial smog detector
  • (Choose fittings):Serial gas detector
  • (Choose fittings):Serial door gap detector
  • (Choose fittings):Serial Emergency button
  • (Choose fittings):Serial wireless guardrail
  • (Choose fittings):Serial wireless keyboard
  • (Choose fittings):Serial Repeaters
  • (Choose fittings):Serial remote controller
  • (Choose fittings):Serial siren
  • defend in the door:Serial door gap detector, ceiling curtain PIR
  • defend in the windows:curtain detector PIR, celing curtain PIR,wireless guardrail
  • defend in the veranda:curtain detector PIR, celing curtain PIR, wireless guardrail
  • defend in the room:PIR detector of wide angle , ceiling PIR of wide angle
  • safe protection:gas detector,smog detector
  • Personal security:Emergency button
  • safe setup:wireless keyboard,remote controller
  • Deter and protect:siren
  • span obstrction:Repeaters
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Longway Commercial brand products. Wireless 9 zone commercial alarm. With control panel and LED . Adopt CPU to control the core and many kinds of import the components and parts high-qualitily. Simple and easy to install, easy and simple to handle, appearance is simple and smooth Suitable for the residential area of the family mainly, villa, factory building , marketplace , warehouse , cashier'office , office building , place of business ,etc. where need preventing others' invading , firing prevention , defending the place where the harmful gas is revealed , needed to seek help. 1- wireless connections-)wireless connections between the host computer and detector, simple and convenient to expand. 2- subarea arm-) Can set up a part zone effectually in the host computer. 3- Power off prodection -) The product that set up function in advance will not be affected in the power failure. 4- Delay time and set up defences -) Can delay time and enter working state in some time after the host opens 1- state display-) The host with LED display function can show the zone alarm 2- zone control-) 9 wireless zone can distinguish from warning type and place of alarm. 3- keyboard control-) Have digital keyboard and function button ,the easy and simple to handle 4-hanging design-) can hang in wall.
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