• Alarm Sensors TK-5
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Alarm Sensors

  • Power Sources:8~16V(required by custumer)
  • Sound Control Sensitivity:70~80db(3m)
  • Work Temperature:-10~+40
  • Working Humidity:<93%RH
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  • Very high noise immunity;
  • Omnidirectional sensitivity allows mounting on ceiling or walls;
  • Two LED: Red: Alarm

Green: reception

  • Easy to install and adjust.

1.TK-5 is a sensor to detect glass breaking.

2.TK-5 provides maximum reliability. It ignores any other sound/noise but glass breaking, since it alerts only when a detected sound matches one of the variety glass breaking sound images recorded in its memory.



  • Choose a location in front of the protected glass area.
  • Make sure that the detector’s field of view is not blocked by any object.
  • Avoid installation in the following locations:
    • Areas with substantial air current.
    • Areas with high audio noise or vibrations.
  • Detector’s detection range may be decreased in a place with acoustically absorbing material.
  • Determine mounting position and cable routing.
  • Open the front cover by pressing the clip located on the mid-right side with a screwdriver, and pull it upward.
  • Run the cable along the cable-duct located on the backside of the rear cover and insert it through its prepared hole.
  • Mount the rear cover to the wall/corner as determined previously.
  • Connect the wires to the terminal block (according to the terminal block diagram.)
  • Close the detector case.


12VDC connect with DC power, “-“ is negative, “+“ is opposite;

RELAY is output terminal

TAMPER connect tamper signal wire and connect with controlling unit,when close the front cover, the signal wire is connected directly, when the front cover is opened, the connection is cut down and give one signal to controlling unit.The sensor output terminal.

When jumper is in “on”position, the LED is enable, when in “OFF” position, the LED is disable.


Detection range12m
Detected glass typesAll types
Minimum Glass Dimensions30×30cm
Power supply8 ~16VDC
Current Consumption18mA(12VDC)
Alarm outputnormal closed dry contact 0.1A/2V Max.
Tamper switchopens when cover removed Rating 0.1A/24V Max
Warm-up Timeinstantaneous
Alarm period1.5 sec
Indication LEDred:alarm
LED enableby JUMPER
Operation temperature-10℃~60℃
Humidity95% Max

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