• Alarm Sensors TK-9
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Alarm Sensors

  • Power supply:DC9V
  • Sense motion speed:0.6~1.5m/s
  • Static current:0.2mA
  • Working temperature:-20~40°C
  • Sense distance:11m
  • Relative humidity:°93%RH
  • Sense angle:100°
  • Installation height:2m
  • Emit distance:>=50m
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TK-9 is a new type of human infrared sensor, it adopts high sensitivity detector and SMD technology. it gathers sense and emission; when one enters its sense range, it sense and at the same time it emit signal to suited receiver( any receiver of our company).


  • Battery powered and no wiring required;
  • Tamper design, when the front cover is removed, the unit will emit signal at once;
  • LED indication: sense and emission indicator


JUMPER SETTING (like following figure)


  • Set JP1 and JP2 on;
  • Fix 9V battery, after 60s the sensor enters working state;

  • Move along the lens tangent in the sense field, the sensor sense(the sense LED works), and then it emit signal to suited receiver( emission LED works), the emitting time should be 3~4s, if sense continually, only 20s later after it emit for the previous time, it emit again.
  • Tamper test: open the front cover, it will emit signal and the emitting LED on.


    • You should choose installation position where the moving object can move breadthwise with sensor(like right diagram);
    • The unit should be checked by walking test periodically to assure proper operation;
    • lf the unit does not work properly, immediately replace the batteries and retest the unit ;
  • Avoid installing the unit on the metal base;
  • No block is allowed between the unit and desired area of detection;
  • The unit and its detection area should not be exposed to direct sunlight, heaters, electric fans, etc.
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