High Speed Dome

IP Autotracking Speed dome (HD-IPAC)(Outdoor)

  • IP and Auto tracking Media DSP,with High speed indoor dome 400 Deg/sec with OSD supporting Sony45,480
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Powerful intelligent autotracking system
1.Automatically track object mode
2.Zone(overstep) tracking mode
3.Timing tracking mode
4.Alarm tracking mode
5.Activity detection mode
6.Perfect manual&auto incorporate tracking
IP Surveillance system
1.Real-time monitor via Internet Explorer without extra software
2.MPEG-4 video compression and ADPCM audio compression
3.Resolutions: D1/2CIF/CIF/QCIF
4.High performance MPEG-4 hardware compression
5.Support video synchronous compression and playback
6.Support ADSL (PPPoE) dialup function
7.Support TCP, UTP, RTP,DHCP, DDNS,etc
8.Variable bit rate and variable frame rate
9.AV/AVI record fomats
10.Built in web server
11.Supports IE monitoring, configuration and updating
12.Multi-lever user management
13.Remote control PTZ
14.Remote upgrade NVS firmware
15.Programable OSD&LOGO
16.Multi-zone motion detection
17.Video signal loss alarm function
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